We all wish there was a magic formula to guarantee success at qualifiers, but alas, on the day we work hard for all season, many defining moments are left up to the fray of mere minutes on stage. With the US Regional Oireachtasai right around the corner for most dancers, you may be feeling like you don’t have much time to improve your performance at this years competitions. In some cases, this is truth (I’m talking to you who can’t get through those three treble jigs, ahem) if you haven’t put in the work all year, a recall isn’t magically going to appear in two weeks of determined practice. However, there are some things you can do to work with what you have, right now, to put your best foot forward.

Eat Right

Everyone has their game time routines–maybe you eat nothing, maybe you each exactly three doughnuts cut into the shape of a shamrock before your first round—whatever that routine is, stick with it. Competition day routine aside, your other meals should be well rounded, full of nutrition and (generally) stress free. The weeks leading up to the Oireachtas should be chock full of fruits, veggies, and protein to ensure that your body can do it’s best work on the big day. Lay off the sugar, highly processed snacks and junk food. Eating right goes hand in hand with eating enough to match your exercise levels—even if you’re in school all day, at practice all evening and then staying up to finish homework, eat a real meal! Fuel your body with healthy options starting now, so your pre-game routine can stay as weird as you need it to.


How much water you drink can have incredible effects on how well your body can perform, but hydrating your body appropriately does not just happen on the big day. You need to be giving your body enough fluids before the day of your competition to ensure you are at peak performance level. Sugary sports drinks are tempting, but drinking water is best. By drinking water in preparation for class, competition and performance, you are getting ready to get the most out of practice in advance. Take a water bottle to school or work and remind yourself to keep hydrating.

Sleep Enough

This one is especially hard for those competitors in their teenage years and beyond. The rest of the world doesn’t stop so you can train for the Oireachtas, and most of us don’t have the luxury of quitting work to compete in Irish dance. Although it’s hard to find the time, getting enough sleep will not only ensure your body is prepared for the practice and competition you’ll son partake in, but helps to ward off the seasonal colds and flu’s that terrify Irish dancers this time of year. The last thing you want it to be sick during your competition, so do your best to avoid a cold by getting enough sleep. It’s worth it to set aside calendar days for yourself where you know you can go to bed early and start logging those extra hours of rest. Tell your friends what you have going on- they will understand you checking out for a few weeks. Use your time wisely to prioritize sleep, and as things get closer to the day, choosing sleep over that last minute practice session will probably serve you better.

Don’t Overdo the Practice

Now is the time to maximize your time in the studio, working efficiently and safety to fine tune all the hard work you’ve put in over the year. As I mentioned before, two weeks of hard work is not going to make major changes in your placement, and can lead to injury, stress and burnout. Two weeks of smart work however, can change your outlook on your performance and give you the confidence to step out on stage and show the judges that you did work hard all year. Now is the time to run your steps, make sure you can do them in your sleep. Perfect those parts that should look particularly amazing. Practice doing everything bigger, louder and more turned out.

Simulate the Real Thing

Whether this is your first Oireachtas or you are performing for your 15th time, practicing in your dress/wig/shoes is still completely different than the practicing you’ve been doing everyday for the past year. Decide what you are doing with your hair and makeup before the morning of the feis, and try it! There is